Powerhouse Band, LA!

In early January of 2018, Nick Aizen reached out to several members of his former band to gauge their interest in performing at a specific event. It quickly became apparent the musicians had strong interest in forming a new group. With the addition of two new members, Powerhouse Band was born.

Powerhouse Band is a diverse collection of musical talent with over 250 years of combined musical experience. The band sets itself apart through an eclectic and robust rhythm section; it anchors the band’s vocal section while maintaining an original pulse. At the head of the band stands two of three Crappell brothers, Keith “Lizard” and Kenneth, who play the electric guitar. Back-lining the group is the newest and last of the Crappell brothers, Kim, who plays bass guitar. Of course, the eternally-motivated Nick Aizen remains on drums, while the second newest member, Lyle Blanchard, performs on keys. Rounding out the group is a charismatic and precision-oriented horn section consisting of Aaron “Fury” Triche (Trumpet), Adrien “Stewie” Stewart (Saxes/Flute), Kaitlynn Landry (Trumpet) and Jeremy Landry (Trombone). This diverse group of musicians has blended together, forging their talents into a powerful, yet dynamic group.